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Are you considering listing your property for a lease option or Rent to Own? At we are experts in Minnesota at filling vacancies fast. Experience and marketing savvy have ensured we are the premier Minnesota rent to own resource. We have unparalleled experience filling properties on rent to own and other forms of owner financing in MN.

We are professional property managers. We manage the day-to-day needs of your rental property, by minimizing vacancies, and maximizing income. We handle all aspects of marketing of your property and screen and conduct background checks for the best possible tenants. We coordinate routine and emergency repairs, negotiate trash removal, and handle security, grounds keep and any contractor contacts.

We are familiar with local, state and federal laws. We handle all rental agreements, collect rent, and respond to requests from your tenants. If the worst happens and we have to go through the eviction process you rest assured that we have the knowledge and know how to get this done efficiently and quickly.

Minnesota's Owner Financing Experts

In addition to rent to own we are also owner financing experts. While Rent to Own is a form of owner financing there are many advanced options we utilize to help you sell your property non-traditionally. At MN Own now we specialize in filling properties with contract for deeds or owner carry backs or seller carry backs, our current listings can be found at

In today's real estate market it pays to work with an experienced team of property management professionals. These property professionals should be able to give you the most possible options in the market place to fill or sell your property. This is where we excel and hands down outperform many other real estate company located in Minnesota. Our market knowledge and marketing exposure is second to none. Contact us today for a free property consultation.

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